Can I use marula oil for my dry face?

Can Marula Oil Help With Dry Skin?

Does your skin become dry and irritated throughout the day? If yes, you should consider using marula oil, especially MarulaLab oil, as a moisturizer for your face or body. Marula oil is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin because it is high in beneficial fatty acids and helps to reduce redness in damaged skin.


Beneficial Properties of Marula Oil

Marula oil's hydrating benefits derive from its fatty acids. The oil contains four fatty acids: oleic, palmitic, linoleic and stearic. When applied to your face, these fatty acids work synergistically to provide long-lasting hydration while relieving irritation. This makes marula oil an excellent choice to care for dry, sensitive skin.


Recommendations by Cosmetic Dermatologists

According to many cosmetic dermatologists, marula oil is among the top picks for dry skin. The combination of fatty acids, as well as its calming, redness-reducing effects, make it ideal for treating inflammation caused by dryness. As long as marula oil is used in moderation and not every day, it's a great moisturizer for dry skin.


How to Use Marula Oil

To get the full benefits of marula oil, you should apply it to damp skin. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser, then pat it dry with a clean towel. Take a few drops of marula oil and gently massage into your face until it has been completely absorbed. You can also use it at night to replace your regular facial moisturizer, if desired.


What Makes MarulaLab's CO2 Extraction Method Unique?

Our CO2 extraction method is different from conventional cold press methods because it uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the oil from the kernels. This method results in a product that is free from heat, solvents, and other chemical processes. The end result is a cleaner and more naturally pure marula oil with holistic, organic properties intact.



Marula oil is one of the best moisturizers you can use to treat dry skin, especially on the face. Its fatty acids, including oleic acid, help to provide hydration and soothe skin inflammation and redness quickly. When applied to damp skin on a regular basis, it's a great natural and safe alternative to many types of commercial moisturizers.

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